Paint Your Bedroom to Give It A New Feel.

On average, a person spends 33 years in a bed, which in turn means that we spend quite a bit of time in our beds. And while one paint job isn’t going to last you, the whole-time chances are that it’ll stick around for a while. Therefore, the paint color of your bedroom shouldn’t be selected on a whim. The many hours you will spend in your bedroom will leave a lasting influence on how you feel every day and the mood you are in when you go to sleep or wake up. One should make it a point to make their bedroom a place that restores their energy in the several hours they spend in it. The paint color should be based on a person’s personality. Continue reading “Paint Your Bedroom to Give It A New Feel.”

Nails by Ashleigh.

Nail art is a creative way to decorate your nails and enhance their beauty by polishing them and painting them with different colors. One can also make them look artsy by creating a color accent, or other designs depending on your preference and the technician that you go to. Nail art usually comes after one has gotten a manicure and a pedicure which is a beauty treatment for your fingernails and toenails. These procedures are used to remove the extra cuticles around your nails and soften up the skin. There are many variations to nail arts ranging from gel nails to acrylics to dipping powder. With the advent of the modern nail care industry, there has been a rise in the popular trend. In some popular culture, nail art is tied to the very concept of femininity and gives a sense of belonging in a group of females. It is also a way of creating one’s own identity through fashion using different colors, shapes, and designs. Continue reading “Nails by Ashleigh.”

‘Arts’ & How Important is for The World Today

Advocating for arts can be a tough job. It requires to be articulated in a way that conveys the value of arts in every way possible deploying the right case-making tools during the right situation. The unprecedented era of COVID-19 is something none of us had been prepared for. Yet it’s inspiring how, amid all the chaos, art has still found a way to permeate our life. We have all seen artists performing for the world online, visited museums joined our neighbors in our balconies for a daily 6 pm sing along and whatnot. Continue reading “‘Arts’ & How Important is for The World Today”

African Clothing & Its History

The African continent is a diverse mixture of many cultures, sub-cultures, various countries, tribes, and people, all of whom have their own unique way of living, and together they form the true essence of Africa. This diversity has been carried forward over thousands of years, not just within Africa itself, but in the African diaspora as well. Expression is a big part of the African culture, whether it’s through arts and crafts, whether it’s religion, music, cuisine, cloths or even language. In fact, the expression of culture is such a huge part of African identity that there are a variety and diversity of culture, not just between different countries but also within a country sometimes. Continue reading “African Clothing & Its History”