Samantha Joseph

Elevating Black Arts.

Dear NWA Supporters and all my black queens,

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share my incredible passion with you guys. As a model, entrepreneur and a soul who’s purpose is to lift the gorgeous and unparalleled black arts, I am aware of the constant struggle that we endure and go through on a daily basis as a black model. For us black queens, the struggle is harder, the hustle is meaner and the results are life-changing. I see many of my gorgeous queens struggle to find a dedicated platform to showcase their potential and talent. It is my objective to curate and provide a safe-space for them so that they can show their talent to the world and be liberated.

My vision for NWA is to elevate black arts, celebrate and empower my beautiful queens, especially my struggling black queens, and express black arts to everyone. For me, the providence of a free platform and the dedication to empower my melanin models who have been told that they aren’t good enough on various occasions is the most important thing. Melanin and gorgeous black models cannot obtain the right contracts because they are told that they resemble other black models that have pre-existing contracts.

Yes, we are all black, but we are all different. We are the epitome of beauty.

My plans for NWA are to open my dedicated platform to all my beautiful black queens and melanin models all across the globe while providing a place that will elevate their talents, groom them and help them be themselves, no matter from which background that they belong to. Because, in the end, we all are models by profession and long for a safe place to shine and be empowered.

Thank you,
Samantha Joseph, CEO – NWA