Tis the season to Give Black!

Posted on December 1, 2020 by Karysma Hicks

With the holiday’s approaching, it’s time to do some shopping. Now more than ever is a time to support the Black community with your shopping choices. Don’t know where to start? That’s O.K. because we at NWA Magazine have curated a list of some of Denver’s best local, black-owned businesses.

From hair, skin and beauty to candles and streetwear clothing, we’ve got you covered with a gift guide to get you started on finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, and maybe even for yourself.

Now, let’s meet some of Denver’s renowned business owners and return the favor of giving Black to our community this holiday season.

Natural Urbanity


Owner of Natural Urbanity, Cheriece Peterson, sees to it that her product line doesn’t have any crazy, un-healthy chemicals or harsh elements that would harm her clientele’s hair and skin. “I cater to those who want to have natural products and are concerned and aware of what they are putting on their body,” said Peterson.

After making her first sale 7 years ago, Peterson’s line has evolved over time from body butter to now being an entire line of hair and skin products. To Peterson, Natural Urbanity means that her clients can step out, and carry with them a natural poise and a plethora of confidence. “When I think of Urbanity, no matter what city you’re in, the word [urbanity] means that it is [made] for you and that you are the best reflection of yourself and your environment,” explained Peterson. “I just love when someone can open up a product and know exactly what they’re getting because its personalized to them.”

When you shop Peterson’s line, you will get the opportunity to customize ingredients, oils, and even scents. This is something that proudly separates Peterson apart from other similar brands. From customizable lip balms, body scrubs and butters to hair teas and oils, Natural Urbanity is your source for natural products for hair and body care for not only you, but your whole family.

With the holidays coming up and gifting season upon us, you can sign up for one of Natural Urbanity’s many subscription packages—where you will receive a free Holiday gift during the month of December. For a limited time only, you will also be able to customize a Butter Butter set and Hair + Body set for free through the month of December as well.

To support Natural Urbanity and keep up with all of their latest and greatest, you can visit their website or connect with them via Instagram: @naturalurbanity

Chubby Curls

A very frustrated Manushkka Sainvil became wearied after spending a copious amount of money on products that didn’t work for her hair. “I would snatch up all these different products,” said Sainvil. “If I liked the smell, I trusted that.”

Sainvil’s trust in these products didn’t last very long. It wasn’t until her revelation that the products she chose to put her trust in, weren’t actually contributing to her process of going natural. “My trust was being taken for granted. I didn’t understand why there was such a saturation of products in the natural hair space—which I used so many of them—but why is it that none of them seem to be delivering what my hair really needs,” questioned Sainvil.

Sainvil started to do her homework—realizing that there was such a huge disconnect between what her hair needed and what the products on the market were promising. Sainvil began reading the ingredient labels on the products she was using and would research how effective these ingredients were to helping her achieve the look she wanted. In her research, Sainvil would stumble upon DIY YouTube videos that would teach her how to make her own hair products.

Now the Moisturizer-In-Chief of Chubby Curls Hair Products, Sainvil has concocted her own formula to not only achieve her own natural hair goals but for every girl in the natural hair space. “I can use my product as a platform to help change the narrative about Black hair,” said Sainvil. “Many women and young girls are frustrated with their hair because they weren’t given or taught which products to use.”

Sainvil’s goal with Chubby Curls is to provide a basic foundational understanding as to how Black hair is structured and what it needs. “It can really make a difference in how you approach what your hair needs and get you the results you want to see,” said Sainvil. “You just have to understand the science of Black hair for it to be manageable and do what we want it to do.”

One way Sainvil believes your hair can stay manageable is consistency. Through her natural hair experience, she would realize that a lot of the companies on the market would switch up their formula—most likely switching up the routine you’re used to and how your hair takes to it. “There is nothing worse than having a favorite thing and you’re using it for a while and you love it, then they up and change the formula. That to me, is the most frustrating experience,” said Sainvil. “It is important for me, it is paramount, it is critical that the DNA of Chubby Curls never changes. What people bought in 2015 is the same Chubby Curls people are going to buy now.”

Two products that are the epitome of Chubby Curls’ consistency are the Leave-In Conditioner and the Moisturizing Styling Cream. They are two products that have stayed the same since the beginning of Chubby Curls, and are two products that are praised for going so well in conjunction with each other.

For a limited time only, you can shop Chubby Curls with the PROMO CODE: NWA15 for 15% OFF your entire purchase.

If you’d like to stay up-to-date with Chubby Curls and their products, be sure to follow them on Instagram: @chubby_curls

Honey’s Soap Company

Recently retired, Denise Robinson is figuring out how to not only be a woman entrepreneur, but a Black woman entrepreneur. “If you are a white woman in business, you seem to get more help. They seem to forget about our sisters here in business too,” said Robinson. “I’m here too and I make good products.”

After having a business venture in making hand-crafted jewelry, Robinson found herself craving something a little more exciting—something that would not only keep her busy but would also allow her to make a difference. Robinson took to her upbringing as a Colorado native to realize that her beloved state wasn’t as loving to her skin.

For 7 years, Robinson has been making soaps that prioritize moisture. “Its great for Coloradans because it is so dry here,” promises Robinson. “Most soap makers have a basic recipe that we like. The recipes are either shea butter, coconut oil, or stuff like that. With those recipes, you either put more shea butter or more coconut oil. I make my recipes the way I like,” said Robinson; “and with that, I make my products with love.”

We all know that one of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to pay attention to your market—and that’s exactly what Robinson did. Tuning in to her on-the-shelves competitors and hearing what her family, friends, and loved ones have had to say in response to using these products, Robinson had a key epiphany that would take her business to new heights. “People don’t want to go to the stores anymore. They’re looking for healthier alternatives.”

With Honey’s Soap Company’s bath bars, bath bombs, body wash and lotions, you will notice a transformation in how healthy your skin looks and feels. However; Honey’s Soap company isn’t all about getting your skin right and tight. With her consumers in mind, Robinson wants her company to be a one-stop-shop for anything that will help get your mind right too.

If you visit Honey’s Soap Company, you’ll find a surplus of additions that are made with ‘relaxation’ in mind. From massage bars to CBD infused products to candles, this Black business’ mission is to enrich lives through the pleasure of their products—where beauty and a healthy lifestyle (both physical and mental) go hand-in-hand.

Estelle Lux Collection

Having grown up in a small Coloradan town and being one of very few Black faces seen in her community, Lucretia Kinzie knew she was meant for something bigger and better. Kinzie worked her way up the hospitality ladder—eventually getting her to Los Angles. However; like many of us, Kinzie made her way back home to recourse her life and figure out her next move.

“L.A. was a whole different ball game,” said Kinzie. “so I moved back to Denver.” During this transition, Kinzie thought this to be the perfect time to re-evaluate what she was going to do with her life. After receiving compliments on her skin and how she would do her makeup, Kinzie had an epiphany that make-up should be her next venture.

“Instead of promoting someone else’s brand, I figured I could start promoting my own,” said Kinzie. Once she realized how capable she was of starting her own business, Kinzie took to being a self-learner and enrolled in online marketing classes. COVID-19 gave a lot of us some downtime; but for Kinzie, there was no such thing as downtime. She learned everything she could about owning a business, marketing a business, and coming up with strategies to land clientele.

“It is a huge to be a black business owner,” said Kinzie. “My whole goal was to make sure nothing backfired and that whatever I planned or would market, it would set me apart.”

As COVID-19 does, it did in fact create a backfire in Kinzie’s plan for the launch of her product line. Production came at a hault; but that didn’t stop Kinzie from making her soon-to-be brand a priority. Now, just a couple of months old, Estelle Lux Collection is a leading beauty brand comprised of lipstick and lip gloss collections, lip liners and eyeshadow palettes.

With the holidays coming up and a time for giving, Estelle Lux Collection’s online shop will see promotions on all holiday colors. Both future and current shoppers will receive 30% OFF on lip glosses and lip liners with a matte, along with any red lipsticks.

Kinzie’s top priority is to engage with her consumers and to ensure their best interest. You can connect with Estelle Lux Collection via Instagram: @estelleluxcollection and subscribe to their email list to receive notifications about upcoming promotions and sales.

GG’s Cosmetics

Looking to support her mom’s venture in selling eyelashes, Germany Gabrielle decided to team up with her mom to create GG’s Cosmetics. “I suddenly wanted to make mascara and eyeshadow,” revealed Gabrielle. It was then that she came up with the idea to create a Mom-and-Daughter collaboration. Thinking this would be a great addition to Colorado’s market for beauty brands, Gabrielle knew that she had something different to bring to the table.

“I came up with the idea of a Mom and Daughter collaboration; black-owned right in the State of Colorado,” said Gabrielle. “I’ve seen people sell lashes and such—but I have never come across a full cosmetic brand.”

Gabrielle started to think of ways as to how she could make this new-found brand a healthier alternative to what is already available on the market. After doing her research, Gabrielle was able to create a product line of chemical-free mascaras and eyeshadows. “GG’s cosmetics is an absolutely 100% healthy line,” said Gabrielle. “I only use gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan based ingredients in all of my products.”

In addition to providing her customers with products that will keep them safe while giving them results they’ll love, Gabrielle will be sticking to her original goal of supporting her mom. “The lashes will range from exotic to full lashes,” revealed Gabrielle.

Launching on Dec. 11th, GG’s Cosmetics’ online shop will feature a wide selection of beauty products that offer quality and ease—just in time for exceptional holiday shopping.

Candle Culture Company

What started out as a way to manage her anxiety, Ashley Biggers turned her hobby of making candles for her loved ones into a full-on business. New to the game, Biggers’ first year as a business owner has been nothing but an exciting experience.

“Ultimately it isn’t about me, its about the products I make for my customers,” said Biggers. Contributing to her successful experience in being a first-year business owner of Candle Culture Company, customer feedback and reviews are what drive her to create a product line that opens up a space for her consumers to relax and be their most comfortable selves.

“I wanted to make sure that my candles were being used for what candles are actually intended for,” explained Biggers. “No matter what product I put out there, it is always with intention.” Candle Culture Company was created with women of color in mind. With the stresses of life and the trials and tribulation the everyday Black women goes through, Biggers saw candle making as an opportunity to provide an atmosphere for all BIPOCs to escape those harsh realities.

To the likes of her candles, Biggers is venturing out to produce other products that will help with getting your mind right. Whether it is one of her infamous candles or her newly launched bath products, Biggers’ products are made with her consumers’ best interest in mind. “I make sure that they are safe, they are natural, and that they are things that I would use on myself,” said Biggers.

To compliment her new addition to Candle Culture Company’s product line, both new and current customers can expect a series of new, holiday scents to hit their online shop on Dec. 1st. In addition to the new candle scents, Candle Culture Company will be selling Holiday baskets for a limited time only. Each basket will feature a partnership with Wyndom Haus’ natural bath scrubs, newly launched Candle Culture Company bubble bath and Epsom salt, and a candle; with a special sample inside.

Make sure to follow @candleculturecompany on Instagram and to keep up with their Facebook for any exciting news.

RMT 4 Eva Clothing

Family members and business partners, Taylor Juniel, Will Owens, Jalen Thompson and Jason Thompson II, are coming up on their third year of what they call an enrichment in family. “Everything is family oriented. We all come together. We all go through it together,” said Juniel and Owens.
We just always try to lift each other up.”

Co-Owners of RMT4EVA Clothing (short for Rich Mob Tendencies), Juniel and Owens want their supporters to know that you can be rich in anything beyond belief. RMT4EVA Clothing is a brand that carries its message heavily. “We continue to do what we believe in and believe in giving back,” said Owens. “We put that message into our clothes. If you put our clothes on, you represent what we represent. You represent the community, you represent family.”

Following their positive and public message to be authentic with your tendencies, RMT4EVA Clothing abides by the same message behind the scenes. “Everything you see from our line is genuinely us,” said Juniel and Owens. “Our clothes are all handmade. We’ll be in the basement with it—embroidering, screen printing, everything—it all comes from hard work, blood, sweat and tears.”

For Juniel, Owens, and the Thompsons, RMT4EVA isn’t just about expressing the importance of creating a union; it also represents creating your own reality and deciding ‘what is your rich’. “Were creators. We’re over here shooting for the stars,” said Juniel. “We envision what Denver, Colorado wouldn’t.”

A part of their vision, the RMT4EVA family is making moves to get in front of their community more than they already are. While continuing to put their all into their production, Juniel, Owens, and the Thompsons have set out to prevail in using their platform to enrich the lives around them.

If you want to keep up with RMT4EVA Clothing, you can subscribe to their online shop for notifications and updates, and check in with them @rmt4evaclothing on Instagram for exciting new comings.

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